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Process for Joining Your State Assembly

(1)  The First Step is to Contact your State Coordinator

(2)  The State Coordinator will guide you through the next steps.

(3)  Before you commit to any paperwork you can join General Assembly calls and see if we are a good fit for you you will need to contact the State Coordinator.

(4)  If and when you are ready to join the Assembly, you will need to complete the 1779 Naturalization Act to correct your status and get yourself back on the Land and Soil. You can learn more about the 1779 process at this link: The 1779 Naturalization Act. You will need to use a specific set of 1779 Templates from the New Hampshire State Coordinator to complete your 1779 process.

(5)  Many people choose to complete the 928 Documents once they understand the benefits of correcting their status to American State National. The 928 document set provides ‘Full-Armor’ protection after you reclaim your American birthrights. You can learn more about the 928 Document Process here.

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Correcting Your Political Status

Our Federal Subcontractors forced their citizenship(s) on us as separate political statuses. They created false registrations for us as fictitious “persons” by fraudulently converting our birth certificates to Bonds (IOU’s) when we were newborn babies. As a result, we were misrepresented as Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal “citizens of the United States” (both are fictions) without our awareness or consent.

The good news is that there is a way to correct your falsified status. You can walk away from their scam by properly declaring your political status using the American States Assembly 1779 or 928 processes. By declaring your proper birthright status, recording it, and joining your State Assembly, you are setting yourself apart as a man or woman on the land-and-soil, and accepting your Public Duty, which is to uphold the Constitutions and the Public Law.

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1779 Naturalization Act

The 1779 Naturalization Act is a streamlined process for correcting your political status. It is referred to as the One Page Declaration or the “one-pager”. This “one-pager” actually requires three (3) documents to be completed and a photo copy of your birth certificate. It’s a simplified process handled by The State Assembly Coordinator. It is similar to how our Forefathers identified themselves as Americans back in the 1700’s.

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The 928 Process

The 928 method provides more protection than the 1779 Declaration. It is strongly advised that you take your time and carefully complete all your 928 documents. Learn what they mean as well as how you can use them, if and when you need them. Doing your due diligence while going through the 928 process will be more efficient and more cost-effective if you focus on getting the documents done correctly the first time. A new process will be forthcoming that will help make completing the 928 document set more efficient and more consistent. To learn more about the 928 documents please follow this (928 Documents Link)

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Some Status Correction Benefits

  • You become the priority creditor not the debtor
  • Use of the Global Family Bank, a new credit-based bank
  • You will have access to Sign in America Debt Relief Program
  • You will no longer have to pay Federal income taxes
  • You are fully protected by the original Bill of Rights
  • You can copyright and own ‘all’ variations of your name
  • You do not go into their no-win foreign corporate court system
  • You do not live under their ’80+ million’ laws, mandates, etc…
  • You can actually own physical property

10 Steps and Useful Resources to Correct Your Status

Step 1 – Gather Items You Will Need

  1. Access to a computer (or someone who can operate one for you)
  2. A PDF editor or Word-processing Software
  3. Paper and Printer
  4. One Blue Pen
  5. One Red Pen
  6. Red Ink Pad (for your thumbprint)
  7. Passport Quality Photos (Clean white background, NO glasses or headgear)
  8. Envelopes and Postage (Pick up a roll of red Registered Mail labels at the post office)
  9. A Public Notary (Typically your bank or credit union will offer this service)
  10. Recording Secretary (From the Assembly)

Step 2 – Download Tracking Sheet and Outline

Correcting your political status is a life-changing decision. Read through this web page and feel free to download the 1779 and 928 reference documents below to help you track your progress. This information will help you to start learning about correcting your status and the associated responsibilities. After you go through this website and the 1779 / 928 information, you may wish to contact your State Assembly Coordinator to discuss your intentions regarding ‘Declaring Your Status’.

STEP 3 – Choose Your Status

You have the right to declare your political status as an American State National or an American State Citizen.

American State National

An American State National owes no allegiance to anyone, but must keep the peace. They may participate in general assembly meetings and vote on domestic (in-state) policy only. They are not eligible to hold an elected office within the State Assembly.

American State Citizen

American State Citizens help reconstruct organic State governments. They may participate in both general and executive assembly meetings, and vote on both domestic (in-state) and international (out of state) policies. Citizens are encouraged to be actively involved and are eligible to hold office in an elected position within their State Assemblies.   

STEP 4 – Download the 1779 or 928 Forms

After choosing your status, you will need to complete certain documents that must be recorded publicly.

  • The American States Assembly uses the Land Recording Office (LRO)
  • The LRO is an open-source system used to publish and create credentials on the public record

Helpful 1779 & 928 Documentation Tips

Going through the 1779 process is the fastest way to correct your status

  • The 1779 process is referred to as the ‘one-pager’
  • One (1) page 1779 Declartion
  • Two (2) Witness Testimonies
  • One (1) color copy of your birth certificate

Completing the 1779 process is required to particpate in the ‘Debt Relief’ program

  • People also need to complete the online Sign In America class to be eligible
  • Don’t forget to obtain the PDF certification of completion for the online class

The 928 Documents add stronger protection

  • Going through the 928 documents is a longer process
  • Completing your 928’s is required to hold an Assembly position

You can record your documents with any state-of-state county or Assembly Recording Secretary

    Please Do Not change any core content on the 1779 or 928 templates!

    1779 Declaration

    The required 1779 forms are listed below

    Depending on where you were born and your employment status, you will need to select the correct one-page form. You will also need (2) wet ink originals of your 1779 Declaration.

    • Declaration for Americans (Born American)
    • Declaration for Federal Employees (Born American Federal Employee)
    • Declaration for Legal Immigrants (Naturalized American)
    • 7- year Undocumented Immigrant (Undocumented Immigrants)
    • Declaration for Green Card Legal Immigrants (Green Card Legal Immigrant)
    • Declaration for Legal Immigrant Federal Employees (Naturalized American Federal Employee)

    Additional documents needed to complete the 1779 process

    • (2) Witness Testimony Affirmations (Two Witnesses)
    • (1) Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate “in-color” photo copy, color print out  

    928 Documents

    The 928 documents are required for American State Citizen status, and are optional for American State Nationals who want the full protection of the extra documents.

    The required 928 forms are listed below

    • Deed of Re-Conveyance (Born American) or Deed of Conveyance (Naturalized American)
    • Certificate of Assumed Name
    • Act of Expatriation
    • Mandatory Notice – Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FISA)
    • Declaration of Political Status
    • Cancellation of All Prior POA
    • DNA Paramount Claim

    Additional Required Documents

    • Witness Testimony Affirmations (Two Witnesses)
    • Voter Cancellation Letters
    • Income Tax Revocation Letters
    • A Birth Certificate Copy or Naturalization Certificate Copy (in color)
    • Common Carry Declartion

    Optional Forms

    • Notice of Intent and Fee Schedule (Recommended)
    • Baby Deed of Land Recording
    • Marriage Paperwork  

    STEP 5 – Complete Your Documents

    We want you to be successful in declaring your status! If the documents are not filled out correctly, they will be returned to you. Take your time. Learn about what you are doing. Think it through.

    Original ‘Wet-Ink’ and Color Copies

    1. Each document that you autograph, notarize and thumbprint is considered a ‘Wet-Ink Original’.
    2. Each ‘Wet-Ink’ original should be scanned and printed in color. These are considered ‘Color Copies’.
    3. The only document required to be completed as a ‘Wet-Ink Original’ in duplicate is the ‘Declaration of the Naturalization Act 1779’ (both are mailed in for recording purposes, one will be retained on The Assembly publc record and a verified copy will be returned to you).

    Additional New Hampshire Recorder Requirement

    1. If you choose ‘Option 1’, send one postage paid return envelope along with your documents to your State or County Coordinator or Recording Secretary so your documents can be recorded in the LRO and returned to you.

    Important Reminders

    1. Most of your forms will need to be notarized with an embossed seal. Be sure all the dates are accurate for the notary.
    2. Be sure to affix you color Passport Photos with adhesive to your Witness Testimony Affirmations (no staples).
    3. If you have any questions, a phone call can be set up to go over your questions.
    4. You are highly encouraged to keep all your ‘Wet-Ink’ originals in a secure location.  
    5. Ensure you have separate .pdf scans of each of your recorded documents.

    STEP 6 – Mail Your Documents

    After your documents are completed, you will need to mail some of them along with letters to appropriate “incorporated” entities. This so that your corrected status is on the public record and provided as evidence, in case you ever need to advise your government employees of your corrected status in the future

    <State> Assembly
    Send color copies of all original documents including copies of both Revocation of Taxes, Declaration of Political Status and Voter Cancellation Letters to you State Coordinator or County Recorder.

    Revocation of NY/DC Taxes
    One letter for each address – send each by Registered Mail to:

    Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service
    Department of the Treasury
    P.O. Box 480 Holtsville, New York 11742

    Internal Revenue Office of the Commissioner
    Room 3000 1111 Constitution Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20204

    Declaration of Political Status
    One letter and document – send each by Registered Mail to:

    Antony J. Blinken
    Office of the Secretary of State
    2201 C Street, NW
    Washington. D.C. 20520

    Voter Cancellation
    One letter – Send by trackable Mail to:
    Your County Elections Office

    Baby Deed
    One letter and deed – Send by Registered Mail to:

    <Address 1>
    <City> <State>, <X.X.>  <ZIP>
    Attention: Secretary of State – <Sec State Name>

    STEP 7 – Pay Recording Fees

    LRO Recording Fees – $25.00 (Land Recording Office)

    Publishing Fees – $25.00 (Global Publising System)

    The fees apply each time you have documents recorded regardless of how many documents you have recorded.

    STEP 8 – Create Your LRO Profile

    You will now be able to create your own profile on the Land Recording Office (LRO) system. The LRO system is open to all American State Nationals and American State Citizens. It is an open-source platform, owned and operated by The United States of America (an unincorporated Federation).

    STEP 9 – Order and Pay For Your Credential Cards

    Once your documents are recorded and published with the LRO, you will be able to order Credential Cards. This step is optional. To do this, you need to login to your profile account, click ‘payment’ on the top of the page and then the ‘fees’ tab. Under ‘fees for’ click on ‘credential card’ and place your order through PayPal. Your cards will be mailed to the address in your LRO profile account.

    Note: Your credential card picture and thumb print images should be cropped to 600 x 900 dpi.

    STEP 10 – Congratulations!

    Once these previous nine steps are completed you may view your declared American status from either E-Verify or the American State National Land Recording (LRO) system.

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