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Four Foundational Assembly Pillars

General Assembly

  1. American State Nationals
  2. American State Citizens
  3. US Citizens / vetted Interest

Executive Assembly

  1. American State Citizens who can vote on international business matters

Jural Assembly

  1. Jural Assembly Handbook
  2. Common Law Courts

Peace Keeping Task Force

  1. Protect the Assembly
  2. PKTF webpage Link
  3. County Sheriff PDF

Assembly Member Services

928 Resources

Bank Accounts

  1. How to Set up your Account
  2. State Chartered Credit Unions
  3. How to Autograph
  4. Denominating in Lawful Money

Conference Call Info

  1. Training
  2. How to Schedule

Credential Cards

  1. Purchase LRO Credential Cards
  2. Directions and Guidance

Fixture Lien Process

Fixture Lien Place Holder

Land Grants and Patents

Land Grants and Patents summary place holder

Training Calls

Training Calls Overview – Place Holder

Travel Kit

Travel Kit Overview – Place Holder